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A Woman-Owned Small Business


Take your project from planning through procurement

Get the right materials at the right time, with a team that will help you at every step along the way.


Over 20 years experience in logistics and procurement support to governmental agencies.

Local Sourcing

Proven commitment to local suppliers and manufacturers.

Lifecycle Support

Support for every stage, from planning and estimating to warehousing.

Spec Aware

Experienced with MIL-SPEC, FED SPEC, and National Stock Codes.

Adept Sourcing

Experienced in finding your "hard to find" products

Code Aware

Experienced with building codes - including fire codes, wind loads, and more

Custom Commodities

Have a drawing or specification? We can assist in tracking down the right manufacturer or supplier.

Low Cost Leader

We have established relationships with manufacturers and wholesalers, and pass the savings on to you.

About Rocket City Supply

"Where taking care of our customers isn't rocket science!"

With 20 years of experience in the procurement - including sourcing, purchasing, negotiation, and acquisition - Susan saw a need to provide a force multiplier for your acquisition department. Rocket City Supply, Inc. is the result.

Not only can Rocket City Supply source and deliver what you need, we also strive to assist in all stages of the acquisition life cycle. We are committed to helping you estimate, plan, and execute your vision. Send and email, give us a call, or stop in to say hello!

Susan Lewis

Susan Lewis
Founder and CEO

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